Visite du BranchageVîsite du Branquage

All persons, including co-ownership associations (for flying freehold properties) and companies (for share transfer properties) who occupy houses, lands, and other properties, alongside the public roads have a duty to cut the branchage so that there is no impediment to those using the roads and footpaths.

A Visite du Branchage takes place in each Parish twice a year to check that the branchage has been cut and all trimmings have been removed. On the Visite du Branchage the Connétable, members of the Roads Committee, the Centeniers and Vingteniers will visit the roads of the parish to ensure that the branchage has been completed.

The Visite du Branchage applies to all public roads including main roads, by-roads and footpaths. The first Visite is during the three weeks from 24 June and the second is during the first three weeks of September.

Advance notice is given of the dates of the Visites du Branchage and persons must:

  • cut the overhanging branches growing from their properties along those public roads in such a way that there is a height of 12 feet free beneath the branches over the entire width of those roads (including their “reliefs”) and a height of 8 feet free over the footpaths; and
  • remove the branches that have been cut off as well as brambles, weeds and all other obstructions and deleterious matter that encroach on the public road or footpath.

Persons who fail to comply with these requirements are liable to a financial penalty not exceeding £100 for each infringement. If the branchage has not been completed the person will be required to undertake the work and, if it is not carried out, the Parish may arrange for the work to be done and charge the person the cost of that work.

A person who is disputes the decision may elect not to pay the administrative penalty. If the person does not pay, the Connétable may seek to recover the penalty as an ordinary civil debt, in which case the Petty Debts Court will determine whether or not the penalty has to be paid.

If a person does not remove the branchage in accordance with the requirements of an order he or she is guilty of an offence and liable to a penalty of level 2 on the standard scale (up to £1,000). However if the person charged accepts the decision of the relevant Centenier, the matter may be dealt with by the Centenier who may impose a fine of up to £200.

In any case, if the branchage is not removed, the Connétable may undertake the necessary work in order to remove the branches, obstacle or other deleterious matter and may recover the costs incurred as a civil debt.

Additional guidelines include:

Visite Royale

A Visite Royale occurs in a Parish once every six years. The Royal Court will visit the Parish to inspect the Parish and roads accounts and will judge on matters relating to public roads and footpaths brought to its attention by the parish. The Parishes to be visited are –

  • 2023 Trinity and St Mary
  • 2024 St Helier and St Brelade
  • 2025 St Ouen and St Clement
  • 2026 St Martin and St Lawrence
  • 2027 St John and St Saviour
  • 2028 St Peter and Grouville