Dog LicencePèrmîns d’Tchian

You do not need to purchase a licence if your dog is:

  • under the age of six months or
  • a guide dog kept and used solely by a blind person or a deaf person.

You must purchase a licence for every other dog you keep. A licence cannot be issued to a person under the age of 16 years.

The licence fee is £10 per dog, lasts for 1 year and must be renewed by 31 January each year. Applications after 31 January cost £20 per dog.

Apply using the Application below – for online applications edit, save and email the Word document to your Parish (online payment accepted by most Parishes – see the ‘Do It Online’ tab) or print the PDF, complete and return with payment to your Parish.

Dog owners are responsible for their dogs. In particular –

  • Every dog on a highway or in a public place must wear a collar which shows the name AND address AND telephone number of the owner. This will help reunite you and your dog should it stray and may avoid you incurring collection and housing costs.
  • It is an offence to allow a dog to worry livestock.
  • From 1 May to 30 September, dogs must be kept on a lead when on a beach between 10.30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • You must remove any faeces deposited by your dog. It is an offence not to clear up after your dog and the penalty is £1,000.
  • Ensure your dog does not become a nuisance to others (see Barking Dogs for advice about statutory nuisances and neighbour complaints).

Stray dogs

If you find a stray dog:

  • check for a collar to identify the owner’s name and address;
  • contact the owner to arrange for the dog to be collected;
  • if you are unable to contact the owner you should contact the Duty Centenier of the Parish;
  • the owner is responsible for paying all costs if a dog has to be collected and/or housed whilst the owner is traced by the Duty Centenier (charges from £70 for collection and from £20 per day for housing).

How many dog licences are purchased each year?

The FOI response shows the number of dog licences 2012 to 2015. The number of dog licences issued by parishes each year since 2016 is as follows (figures as at June for 2016-2020 and 2023, as at April 2021, 2022):

St Brelade1,2711,3171,219​1,2651,2371,1861,1661,168
St Clement1,0951,0081,047​​1,014973937900852
St Helier1,3751,4671,3781,4731,643​1,5931,6121,481
St John439398399368​402390380343
St Lawrence388423389​344​407351407590
St Martin564574552​​570574558522514
St Mary266268260​249277261262263
St Ouen642612628​636632640621592
St Peter708717669​656650623628618
St Saviour1,2861,0141,144971​1,0179561,043989