St John Parish Survey Results

Back in 2011 the Comité Rurale carried out an informative survey and the results were used to
advise Island politicians and planners of parishioners’ views to the previous Island Plan. Last
summer the States of Jersey launched their consultation process and documents for the new Island
Plan covering 2021 to 2030. You may have seen a “call for sites” in the local media in which the
States of Jersey were asking for suggestions of land to be considered for future development, as
well as protection from development.

To assist with the Parish’s response to the consultation the current Comité Rurale decided to repeat
the survey exercise but also include some of the new themes highlighted in the documents, for
example renewable energy and the Coastal National Park. Many of the 2011 survey questions were
repeated to allow a comparison to be made between the 2011 versus and the 2020 results, as you
will see on the following pages. The Comité Rurale has met with representatives from the Planning
& Environment Department on a number of occasions as part of the consultation process.

The survey questionnaire was circulated at the end of January 2020 to 1,237 postal addresses in the
Parish, and in total 218 replies were received. I would like to thank all the parishioners who took
part and also the members of the Comité Rurale who assisted with the questionnaire, and then the
input and analysis of the responses. There were a large volume of written comments including
some quite lengthy ones, and as a result the comments are not being circulated as part of this
overview although some have been included as examples. The comments will be available to view
in the Parish Hall and on request in electronic form.

In the Parish Magazine the Constable has put forward various proposals for the area around St
John’s village and we understand further proposals will be following for other areas which have
been informed by the results of these two surveys.